Our Aim & Objective

Sports has proved to be a powerful but highly undervalued and under-exploited tool for promoting solidarity and in contributing to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding. Sports has been found to contribute to Economic and Social growth, by improving Public health & bringing different communities together through its tremendous potential as a tool for advocacy & mobilization.

History: – The sports activities in the state of Arunachal Pradesh was initially looked after by the then State Sports Council in the early eighties. The Sports Council was well equipped by Coaches and other Technical staff including coaches posted from Sports Authority of India.  In the year 1996 the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs came into its existence after bifurcation from Education department with technical strength being borrowed from the State Sports Council on deputation and gradually absorbed creating a complete vacuum in the State Sports Council. The State Sports Council was left with its skeleton comprising of few ministerial staff and coaches.  Due to shortage in man power in the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs the employees of Sports Council were then attached with Directorate of SYA and subsequently amalgamated with DSYA in the year 2003.

In the year 2005 the Govt. of AP has created Sports & Youth Development Board, later renamed as Sports Authority of Arunachal after realizing that number of Registered State Sports Association who were affiliated with their respective Federations were increasing gradually and thus there is a need for keeping administrative control on these Registered Associations.

Activity Report:-The Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs is the policy making body of the Government and it keeps vigilance on the activities of the Sports Council/Sports Authority.  The State Sports Authority act as a Liaison between the Directorate of Sports and local bodies and gram Panchayat in implementing all Govt. Schemes like construction of Stadium, improvement of existing play fields etc.

The Government alone cannot develop sports without involving Registered State Sports Associations whose administrative control is with Sports Authority of Arunachal.  But in case of Arunachal Pradesh the scenario is entirely different. The Directorate of Sports & YA is both the policy making and policy implementing body.  In the state capital we do not have any standard play field either Indoor or Outdoor till date, the lone Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun was created under the aegis of State Sports Council. 

Presently, Sports Authority of Arunachal is putting all its efforts to provide financial assistance to the respective affiliated state sports association who actually produce players for the State.  The role of the Sports Associations is significant in encouraging the youth to play and earn laurels for the state.  The name and fame of the state is earned only through participation in National and International events.  The Sports Authority provides financial supports to every association to participate in the National level events, conduct of State Level Tournaments and coaching camps.